Barley – The Fountain Cleaner Alternative

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How can I prevent algae from forming in my water fountain?

Barley – The Fountain Cleaner Alternative

Sometimes using a fountain cleaner is the only means to get your water feature into optimum shape. However, just a little routine prevention can save you from the trouble of having to clean out your fountain from algae. An alternative to having to use a fountain cleaner is adding barley to your water. Barley is more of a preventative measure than a fountain cleaner, which makes it even more effective. It works by preventing new algae from forming in your fountain, whether you have a wall fountain, waterfall fountain, a tabletop version or a pond. There's another bonus to using barley as a fountain cleaner alternative – you can purchase a small bale of it without spending very much money.

Hint: By also keeping your fountain in the shade, you help prevent the growth of algae in your fountain.



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