Treat Algae With Fountec

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What product can I use to treat algae?

Treat Algae With Fountec

Is unsightly green algae clouding your beautiful outdoor fountain? Eventually, all the slime and algae can clog your pump, so not only is it unsightly, it can become a maintenance problem. If you need to treat algae that's already formed, try a product called Fountec to clean out your fountain. By just adding one drop a week, you can have a clean fountain without physically cleaning it. Fountec also works to keep mosquito breeding at bay and it's safe for use with most pets. Avoid use of this product if you have fish, however. You should also keep in mind that although Fountec is deemed safe for plant use, some plants might not survive the effects of this fountain cleaning remedy.



2/19/2009 11:55:22 AM
Deanna said:

I've been using Fountec, but it hasn't kept the algae at bay. I've tried adding more, but it doesn't seem effective.


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