Keep Your Fountain Clean – Avoid Tap Water

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Is it a good idea to use tap water to fill in my fountain?

Keep Your Fountain Clean – Avoid Tap Water

When you're adding water to your fountain, you might simply use water from the garden hose and think nothing of it. However, if you truly want to keep your fountain in good shape, use distilled water in lieu of tap water. Why? Because tap water has minerals in it and over time, it can cause ugly spots and rings in your fountain that are difficult to clean. Distilled water, which is not the same as drinking water or spring water, does not carry the minerals which create the unsightly damage spots. Just a gallon of distilled water might run you a dollar, give or take, depending on where you live. Once you fill your fountain up, just add a splash of additional distilled water every day to replace the amount lost to evaporation.

And if you live in an especially humid area, you can actually create your own distilled water using a dehumidifier. The collection tank in a dehumidifier can actually collect a few gallons a day in a climate with high humidity, eliminating the need for you to purchase your own.



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