The Barrel Waterfall Fountain

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How can you create a waterfall with barrels?

The Barrel Waterfall Fountain

You can make a charming variation on the barrel fountain by using two to create a barrel water fountain. This project is relatively simple and only involves a few materials. All you need are two half barrels of varying heights, a fabricated ornamental pump, a submersible pump, planting baskets and aquatic potting mix.

You need to place the half barrel with the smaller diameter into the larger one. The smaller diameter barrel should stand somewhat taller than the large diameter barrel. Attach the ornamental pump to the smaller barrel. Position the submersible pump into the larger barrel and ready it to run the water up and out through the ornamental pump.

For plant life, you can select a number of varieties and put them into planting baskets with the potting mix. Some choices include Aurea, Variegatus, Marsh Marigold and the Variegated Sweet Flag. Fill the base with water and your barrel water fountain is complete.



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