Everything You Need To Create Your Own Tabletop Fountain

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What items do I need to create my own tabletop fountain?

Everything You Need To Create Your Own Tabletop Fountain

If you want to create your own tabletop fountain, regardless of the fountain type, there are some basic features that all of these mini-water features need. This guide will get you started on ideas.

  • You need a container to house the fountain. This could be a ceramic bowl, a pan enveloped by Styrofoam, or a terracotta pot. Whatever it is, it needs to be watertight.
  • You need a small submersible pump to circulate the water.
  • You need a spout to deliver the water. This could be carefully hidden tubing. Or the spout itself could be part of the fountain's design.
  • You need a device to conceal the pump. This can be as simple as a plastic container placed upside down with openings to allow for the tubing access and water return.
  • You need decorative items for your tabletop fountain. These can include rocks, plant life and fish.
  • You need a small copper elbow to direct water downward.
  • Finally, you need water. Distilled water is better than tap water for keeping your fountain free of spots caused by mineral deposits.



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