How To Select A Bowl To Make Your Own Tabletop Fountain

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How do I choose a bowl to make my own tabletop fountain?

How To Select A Bowl To Make Your Own Tabletop Fountain

Making your own tabletop fountain is cost effective and lets you use your creative skills. The bowl of the fountain is the most prominent item in the assembly, so it's always important to select this piece wisely. Here are a few ideas to help you select the right part.

  • Keep in mind that your bowl will be part of a room, table setting or an area. Think about coordinating the style of the bowl with its surroundings. You don't want to pick a sleek, modern bowl for a traditional antique desk.
  • Think about what angle your bowl will be viewed from. Will your fountain be at eye level or below? The slim, vertical container might look great straight on, but a view from above might not be as attractive if your fountain is placed on the ground.
  • Think about the size and scale of the bowl. Will it be high enough to cover the pump completely? Also, a larger bowl that holds more water will require less water changes than a smaller one.
  • Consider the shape of the bowl carefully. The bottom needs to have a flat plane. You also need to have enough room for the pump, as well as the attached cord.
  • Beyond the aforementioned considerations, your choices are wide open for selecting a bowl for your tabletop fountain. You can consider glass bowls, ceramic planters, plastic containers, or metal tins covered with camouflage material.



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