Considerations For Your Tabletop Fountain Pump

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What considerations do I need for a tabletop fountain pump?

Considerations For Your Tabletop Fountain Pump

If you're purchasing a tabletop fountain, it should come with its own pump. However, if you're planning to make your own fountain, you'll have to find your own pump. So what things do you have to consider when you get a pump for a homemade tabletop fountain?

  • Get a submersible pump that has two speed settings. That way, you have some room for adjustments and flexibility.
  • Remember to read through the instructions and follow the safety recommendations. You should always use a grounded outlet for your submersible pump.
  • You'll need to conceal your pump in some manner to make your fountain more attractive. A container placed upside down will do. But if you want to go the decorative route, you can use thin, wide rocks to create an enclosure. Slate will work well if you want to create a den for your pump.
  • Take care to make sure your pump is protected from the weight of the rocks and other items above. Whatever enclosure you decide to use should be fairly stable and protect the pump from any pressure.



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