The Pump For Your Outdoor Fountain

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Are there specific considerations for an outdoor fountain pump?

The Pump For Your Outdoor Fountain

The pump is the behind-the-scenes workhorse in an outdoor fountain that is important to creating the overall effect with the water. How else would the bubbling sounds of moving water or the brilliant splash of a steady stream punctuating a fountain make its presence known? If you're purchasing your outdoor fountain, you'll likely have a pump assembly which comes with your fountain. Even so, there are just a few considerations you should be aware of.

  • Most pumps require electricity to run it, so it can push water up through the fountain and then allow gravity to bring it back down to the fountain base. The exception to this is a solar-powered pump. However, solar-powered pumps do need daylight, so if you want to continue running your fountain into the night and through cloudy days, you'll need batteries for that.
  • The manufacturer of the outdoor fountain typically provides a pump to go with the fountain. If for some reason you need a replacement, keep in mind that the pump needs to be waterproof and durable. The pump also needs to have the appropriate water flow rate for the fountain it will be used for.
  • A nice feature to have on a pump is a water flow regulator. It allows you to specify the water flow's strength.



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