All Kinds Of Table Water Fountains

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Can you give me some ideas on what kinds of table top water fountains there are?

All Kinds Of Table Water Fountains

With table water fountains, you have a multitude of choices. From the indoor variety to the outdoor variety, table water fountains make great accent pieces or focal points for home and commercial décor. Here are some ideas for types of table water fountains you can pick from.

The Rock Fountain – Composed of a variety of stones arranged just so, the rock fountain can sometimes have an Asian theme with words of serenity and wisdom carved onto the rocks. The base can have a steady soothing stream of circulating water to create a tranquil environment.

The Vertical Wall Fountain – Suitable for a range of décor from contemporary to traditional, the wall fountain features a steady delicate sheet of water flowing down a vertical face. The vertical wall fountain may have a light to accent the water flow.

The Bowl Fountain – Characterized by its main feature - a bowl - this type of fountain may be as simple as a stone fountain with a singular spray of water. Or this could be a copper bowl fountain containing rocks with water continually pouring into the bowl.

The Cascading Fountain – The cascading fountain has steps or tiers so that the water drops smoothly from one level to the next. These types of fountains add a layer of visual appeal to the gentle sounds of moving water.

The Aromatherapy Fountain – This fountain soothes the olfactory senses just as much as the visual and auditory senses. The aromatherapy fountain is perfect for an at-home spa environment.



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