Water Feature Ideas For Your Home

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What types of water features can I add to my backyard?

Water Feature Ideas For Your Home

The water feature is one element folks are adding to their homes when it comes to the backyard. With so many choices from the petite portable version to a full-blown outdoor fountain, there's good reason people are turning to the water feature to spruce up their gardens. We've got the lowdown on some of the water feature options you have to pick from.

The Tabletop Water Feature – This petite water oasis doesn't lack for design elements. The tabletop water feature can have rock adornments, decorative plant life and ultrasonic waves to create a smoky effect to the water.

The Mid-Sized Water Feature – Made to stand on its own, the larger water feature can be a wall mounted fountain, an outdoor waterfall, a bird bath or a fountain pool. Though large in size, you can take these types of fountains and set them up in minimal time.

The Large-Sized Water Feature – These grand water features can include waterfalls, bridges, plants, and fiber optic lights. You are only limited by your imagination in creating this water feature.

The Miniature Water Garden – The miniature water garden is a lush, tranquil water feature. These plant-filled water features don't require a pump, either. By just using a pot, plants, decorative rocks, and adding water, you can create a unique decorative element.

The Pond – You don't have to be well-versed in garden landscaping to create the ultimate pond. You can buy them in a kit which comes with stones, a pond liner and a filter. Take a few days during the week to create your own water oasis.



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