Basic Maintenance For Smaller Water Features

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How do I maintain a smaller water feature?

Basic Maintenance For Smaller Water Features

Even smaller water features need some care and maintenance from time to time. However, they require less work and are simpler to deal with than larger water features. If you want to maintain your tabletop fountain, miniature water garden, or other water feature follow these easy guidelines.

  • Clean out leaves and other floating debris on a regular basis.
  • On an occasional basis, use a hose to clean out foam pump filters with a strong blast of water.
  • Locate your pump in an easy to reach spot so you'll be able to replace them without difficulty. Unfortunately, pumps don't last indefinitely and you'll have to replace them every now and then.
  • Keep mosquitoes at bay by adding fish to your smaller water feature or using a Bt, a bacteria which attacks larvae.



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