Design Ideas For Stone Fountains

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What are some design ideas for stone fountains?

Design Ideas For Stone Fountains

The look natural look of stone blends well with any outdoor environment. Stone fountains can be sleek architectural elements or they can be organic water features. If you're looking for some design inspiration, here are a few ideas for stone fountains.

Stone Fountain Pool – A zen-like addition to the outdoor space of a home, you can create a stone fountain pool whose edges rise out of the ground to frame a linear form. Line the base with a bed of pebbles for visual interest and add a sculptural urn or simple statue at one end for emphasis.

The Ledge Stone Fountain – Created as a series of steps off a sloping site, flat irregular stones deliver tiers of water to descend into a natural pool at the base. Surround your ledge stone fountain with low growing plant life and flowers to accent the water feature.

The Meandering Stream Stone Fountain – Rather than a pool, set up a shallow meandering stream just wide enough to plant a series of stepping stones throughout. The water feature can appear to be a natural part of the environment or take on a zig-zag geometric appearance to break up the site.



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