Creating A Tiered Stone Fountain

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How do I create a tiered stone fountain?

Creating A Tiered Stone Fountain

If you want to create a focal point for an outdoor area, one project that will add splash to any yard is a tiered stone fountain. The tiered stone fountain can be completed for just under $2,000 if you do it yourself. If you hire professionals, you'll end up paying about three times that much. Here are some hints to help get your project up and running.

You'll need to create the tiered stone fountain in three main steps. Start with the understructure, set in the liner and then put finishing touches onto your stone fountain.

The understructure will consist of determining an area for your fountain, clearing the site and digging a 12-inch deep basin. Next, you'll need to add a ledge with a 28-inch drop to create the sounds of splashing water. Use pressure-treated wood timber ties to create a frame for the fountain. You can use two to three foot long 1/2 inch rebar to drill through the timber ties into the ground for reinforcement.

After the frame is in place and secured to the ground, the next step is installing the liner. A 20 mil waterproof liner should work well to create this stone fountain. You'll want to sandwich the waterproof liner between two layers of landscaper fabric to help prevent any tears or punctures. You can secure the layers with hammers and nails to the timber ties.

The final step is the finishing touches. Add stone ledges for the water to spill over. For a dramatic effect, select stone that is rich in texture with a beautiful cut and use the whole slab rather than breaking it into smaller pieces. To fill in gaps, wedge in smaller pieces and pour pea gravel into the crevices.



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