Stone Accents For Your Fountain

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What are some ways to use stones to decorate my fountain?

Stone Accents For Your Fountain

Stone accents can do a lot to alter the appearance of your fountain. They can be accent pieces, they can create borders and they can be part of the actual fountain itself. For some ideas on stone accents for your fountain, read our list of ideas.

Stone border – Line the edge of a small garden pond with a double row of flat stones. This will take less than a day to complete and will create a natural, yet distinct border for your water feature.

Stone Base – Use cinderblocks to build up a pedestal for your garden fountain. You can arrange a circular pattern around the central piece for a patterned effect. The stone base can be used for smaller self-contained fountains, as well as slightly larger pieces, like bird baths.

Stone Bed – Make the base of a shallow pool visually interesting by lining multi-colored rocks and pebbles inside of it. You can also use this method to camouflage a submersible pump or raise the level of a water fountain.

Stone steps – Placed strategically in a garden pool, stepping stones can make a safe passageway through a body of water that is visually interesting and part of the design of the water feature itself.

Stone Ledge – The stone ledge can be the perfect delivery point for the sounds of a bubbling waterfall. You can have smaller stone pieces for a broken curtain of water or a larger flat stone for a smooth curtain of water.



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