Ideas For Stepping Stones

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Can you give me some ideas for creating stepping stones in a pool?

Ideas For Stepping Stones

Stepping stones can be the perfect design element to complete your water feature. Not only do stepping stones provide a subtle means of breaking up a body of water, they provide a pathway to experience a pool or garden pond up close. We've put together some ideas for designing stepping stones for your water feature.

Have larger boulders project above the surface of your water. It provides a very natural looking pathway through the water. The bottom of the boulders should be flat to avoid movement. You can set them in a bed of concrete in order to keep them in place.

You can shape stepping stones to any desired shape you like. Have a series of round stepping stones cutting through your garden pool. Or have square shapes to form a pathway through the water.

Pouring concrete slabs is another option for stepping stones. Stepping stones, unlike bridges, need more planning since they will become more or less a permanent part of your water feature. The upside to this is you can design any shape or configuration your imagination allows.



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