Three Ideas For A Landscape Fountain

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What are some ideas for a landscape fountain?

Three Ideas For A Landscape Fountain

You can place a stone fountain in the backyard of your home, but if you're looking for a lush, natural environment, consider a landscape fountain. A landscape fountain comes in many forms, shapes and sizes. You can create a landscape fountain in a small outdoor area or create a large-scale version to meander around a portion of the home. Here are some ideas:

The Garden Pool – The garden pool can be a petite pond teeming with tiny goldfish. It can be a larger pool with koi. The garden pool can be a beautiful feature when designed with appropriate rocks, plant life and even trees.

The Waterfall Pool – Create a simple waterfall to spill into a delicate pool or have a series of waterfalls creating a bustling water environment. Surround the site with well-placed rocks and bushes to create a windbreak in your landscape fountain.

The Still Pool – Remarkably tranquil in its quiet nature, the still pool can be a great place for meditation and reflection. Have a paved stone area surrounding a pool of water lilies and create a level area to sit and relax.



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