Planning Landscape Fountains For Plant Life

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What do I need to take in to consideration when planning for plants in my landscape fountain?

Planning Landscape Fountains For Plant Life

Adding greenery to an outdoor fountain enhances the natural beauty of the water feature. Plant life can provide oxygen, provide visual interest, provide shade and help to create a more natural appearance to landscape fountains. We've gathered some guidelines on planning for plant life in landscape fountains.

  • Think about the total requirements of your pool in terms of depth, filtration needs and surface area. This will help you decide what types of plants can go into the pool.
  • Consider the size of your fountain. For instance, if you're designing a water garden, you want to have at least 10 gallons of water. A 10 gallon pool will only accommodate one or two plants.
  • Having a number of pool depths throughout your landscape fountains will help populate diverse plant life. Some plants will grow in just a few inches of water, while others require several feet of water.



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