Plants For Water Features

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What are some good picks for plant life for a water feature?

Plants For Water Features

Water features alone can make stunning focal points in a backyard. The addition of plants can be the complimentary element to give water features a lush, landscaped feel. If you're looking for some ideas on which ones work best with water features, we have a few picks that'll enhance any fountain or pool.

Plant Marginals – Meant to line the edge of a pool, marginals help frame and create a natural edge for water features. The bulrush is a sturdy perennial that has tall, grass-like growth. It's perfect for creating a vertical edge in a fountain or pool. For a dash of color, plant the iris, which is a perennial you can find in shades of purple, blue, pink and yellow.

Free Floating Plants – Beautiful all their own as plant life gracing on the surface of water features, free floating plants break up the surface area of the interior of a pool. For a still water environment, hardy water lilies make great surface accents in colors of yellow, copper, pink or red. For a subtle effect, try the delicate nature of duckweed, a hardy perennial with small angular leaves.

Oxygenating plants – Oxygenating plants grow entirely beneath the water's surface, providing oxygen and removing carbon dioxide to remove algae. Try introducing the slender, ribbon-like leaves of the eel grass to help maintain your pool. For an oxygenating plant that provides food and shelter for fish, there are up to 100 species of pondweed to choose from.



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