Picking Suitable Fish For A Landscape Water Feature

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How do I pick out the right fish for a landscape water feature?

Picking Suitable Fish For A Landscape Water Feature

There are a number of suitable fish for a landscape water feature. What you should get is a matter of taste, how much time you have to invest in the fish, and the size and depth of your pool. We've put together some suggestions for fish that are appropriate for a landscape water feature.

Goldfish – Brightly colored and adaptable, goldfish make an excellent choice for most ponds, pools or fountains. They can grow up to 16 inches long if their environment allows it. They can live up to 25 years of age under the proper conditions and are much easier to care for than koi.

Koi – Koi need a pool that is at least three feet deep because of their size. They usually live from 20 to 50 years, but can live to the ripe age of 100. Koi require more care than goldfish – you'll need a biological filter to clean the water and you have to consider that koi will eat water plants. You also need to supplement their diet with koi food. In the winter, koi will hibernate.

Golden orfe – This variety of goldfish grows to two feet in length. They swim in groups and need a larger pool to accommodate their numbers. You need to keep in mind that these fish are sensitive to chemicals and won't survive exposure to such substances in their water.

Minnows and Mosquito Fish – Other types of fish to consider are minnows and mosquito fish. They are much smaller at three to six inches long and tend to be more of an insect control fish.



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