Create Your Own Urn Fountain

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How do I make my own urn fountain?

Create Your Own Urn Fountain

One fountain project that's relatively easy to make is the urn fountain. The urn is the perfect water container and you just need to have a hole in place to run power. Read on to find out how to create your own urn fountain.

First, have your electrical wiring set up and ready to go for your urn fountain. Unless you're a competent pro with wiring, consider having a licensed electrician install the ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) for you. The GFCI will prevent a pump malfunction and the possibility of electrocution.

  • If you're placing the urn fountain on your lawn, remove the grass to the soil.
  • Lay down and compact a layer of gravel for a level and sturdy base.
  • Place down one to two layers of flagstones to create a base.
  • Place the urn down, ensuring you have a level surface.
  • Place the pump in the urn and pull the power cord through the hole in the base of the urn and seal it with a rubber fountain plug, available at most fountain specialty shops.
  • Conceal the pump with gravel, using extra rocks to position the spout.
  • If need be, add clear tubing to bring the water stream higher. You can use a special fountain head to create varied water effects.
  • Add distilled water, plug in the urn fountain and you should see a stream of water appear just above the line of the gravel.



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