Plant Life For Your Urn Fountain

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What plant life would be appropriate for an urn fountain?

Plant Life For Your Urn Fountain

An urn fountain makes a decorative piece on its own, but it can be an even more enticing piece when you dress it up with plant life. We have some suggestions for embellishing your existing urn fountain with some plant life.

If you have an urn fountain on the ground, you can plant Flore Pleno and Malibu around the surrounding container. Dig an area for them, plant them in containers,and then place strong wire mesh reinforcing over the container. Next, add a layer of weed suppressing mesh on top which has holes cut out of it for the plant life to grow and slits for water to filter down through. On top, disguise the mesh with pebbles and rocks.

For an urn fountain placed over a pool environment, you can add Rose Queen and Kermesina, both varieties of Irises. These plants can go into aquatic potting mix within a container, set just below the water. For color, add Marsh Marigold in its own container with aquatic potting mix.



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