Three Urn Fountains By Design

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What’s an interesting fountain I can create with urns?

Three Urn Fountains By Design

One urn fountain can be a pleasing embellishment, but three urn fountains provide a great visual arrangement for any outdoor area. This project starts with a large container that you'll place into the ground. Set up a submersible pump so that it will be completely under water. Have a heavy gauge sheet of fine reinforcing on hand to place on top of the tank. Take note of where you'll be placing the three urns – you'll want to position the outlet pipes to connect to holes in the base of the urns.

If your urns don't already have a hole at the base, you can use a drill bit to create one in each piece. Thread the pipes through the holes at the base of each urn. Once you're certain of their placement, secure the pipe attachment with epoxy glue. Camouflage the sheet mesh with pebbles, plug in your pump, fill with water and you're ready to run your urn fountains.



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