All About Urn Fountains

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What are urn fountains?

All About Urn Fountains

If you've ever been to a garden center or visited the landscaped garden grounds of a public outdoor area, you've probably seen urn fountains in your lifetime. Urn fountains are vase-shaped water features commonly used throughout garden design, as well as in indoor fountains. They may be stone fountains with a vase attached to a pedestal or they may be actual urns converted into a fountain with water coming out of the opening of the urn. It's also a common site to see a statue figure, often of a girl, carrying an urn angled on its side so that water pours out of it.

Urn fountains may take on sleek, clean lines of a Japanese influence. Urn fountains may take its cue from the ornate antique design of historical Europe, as well. An Egyptian style urn fountain might have a relief pattern depicting an event or scene.



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