Three Ideas For A Moving Outdoor Water Feature

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Can you give me some waterfall ideas?

Three Ideas For A Moving Outdoor Water Feature

Adding a moving outdoor water feature to your garden or backyard can enhance the natural beauty of what you already have. A moving outdoor water feature can also help drown out traffic noises with its own soothing sounds. Here are three ideas for adding a moving outdoor water feature.

Pond Waterfall – Punctuate a peaceful pond with the sounds and movement of a waterfall. You can integrate the water and pond into a landscaping combination that blurs the lines between the two. Have the waterfall emerge and seamlessly flow into the pond.

Barrel Waterfall – Not every waterfall has to emerge from rocks. Creating a waterfall pouring out of one barrel into another is a great solution for areas where space is a consideration.

Landscape Waterfall – Perfect for a sloped corner of a yard in even petite backyard quarters, the landscape waterfall can be created as a series of self-contained tiers. This water feature enhances an otherwise unadorned outdoor corner.



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