How To Select Rocks For Your Waterfall

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How should I utilize rocks with my outdoor waterfall?

How To Select Rocks For Your Waterfall

Rocks are an important component in creating the overall effect of a waterfall. Not only do they help to determine the flow and speed of the water, they also determine the sound. Rocks are also an important visual part of the waterfall itself. To find out what types of rocks work best for what, read on.

Gravel and Pebbles – Gravel and pebbles work best as the functional aspect of a waterfall. They serve best by lining the base of a waterfall in conjunction with the sand. Keep in mind that larger rocks are less prone to algae. By creating an assortment of rocks in addition to gravel, you have less of an issue with algae.

Rocks and Stones – Rocks and stones work well as edges for waterfalls and creating the actual waterfall itself. They can also serve to hold down the liner of the waterfall. The best rocks are those that appear worn and weathered, as they would in nature.

Boulders – These large-scale rocks make great accent pieces. Because of their sheer size, they serve best to add a dramatic touch to the top or bottom of a waterfall stream. To maintain a natural appearance, bury a boulder so that only two-thirds of the rock remains visible.



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