Outdoor Waterfall Glossary

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What are some of the terms in a waterfall I should be familiar with?

Outdoor Waterfall Glossary

The outdoor waterfall can be as simple as one steady stream culminating into a small pond or as complicated as a series of tiers working its way down to a pool. Whether an outdoor waterfall is on a small or large scale, there are some standard components to be aware of. Here is our outdoor waterfall glossary so you can familiarize yourself.

Outlet pipe - This is where the flow of water exits and turns into a descending stream of a curtain of water.

Header pool – In a series of descending waterfalls, this is the flat area of moving water before the stream ends at the base.

Edging stones – These can be any rocks which serve to decorate or create a border for the edge of a waterfall or stream.

Flexible liner- This lines the base of the waterfall to create a waterproof area.

Flexible tubing – This carries the water upstream from the pump.

Pump – This uses electricity to re-circulate the water from the base of the waterfall back to the top.



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