Maintenance For Natural Copper Water Wall Fountains

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How do I maintain a natural copper water wall fountain?

Maintenance For Natural Copper Water Wall Fountains

Over time, natural copper water wall fountains will gain a patina, a thin layer on its surface that will give it a rich green color. The patina is prized for its natural beauty and character. If you have a copper water wall fountain, there are some things you can do to keep up its maintenance.

For day-to-day maintenance, you can use Pledge or a comparable furniture polish to clean your copper water wall fountain with a soft cloth. Don't use copper cleaner, as this will remove the patina from the surface of your fountain.

Beyond a daily cleaning, copper wall water fountains don't require any further care. Left on their own, they will go through the process of oxidization and change into several hues. Exposure to air, water, and sun helps to darken the color over time.



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