Maintaining Your Acrylic Water Wall Fountain

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How do I maintain a water wall fountain that’s acrylic?

Maintaining Your Acrylic Water Wall Fountain

If you have an acrylic water wall fountain, all you have to do is some basic maintenance to ensure its natural beauty. Acrylic is a durable material, but you have to be careful when cleaning to make sure your water wall fountain remains in top shape.

When selecting cleaning solutions, pick one that works well with acrylic and won't damage the surface. One cleaning solution which works well with acrylic is Novus Plastic Polishes, which you can find at major hardware and plastic supply stores. When cleaning, you can use a soft chamois cloth and wipe gently as you go.

If your acrylic water wall fountain has scratches, there are steps you can take to remove it – that's one benefit of an acrylic fountain as opposed to other materials. Use Novus polish and wipe with a soft cloth for minor scratches. For deeper scratches, you can remove the damage with a restoration kit.

It's important to avoid the use of any textured scouring pads or window cleaning fluids with your acrylic water wall fountain, as this can damage the surface.



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