The Sunken English Garden Fountain

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What is an appropriate fountain to add to an English garden?

The Sunken English Garden Fountain

If you have an English garden and you want to compliment it with a water feature, consider adding a sunken garden fountain. A sunken garden fountain can make a nice dramatic touch to an English garden with a little proper planning and placement. The total cost of a project like this would be between $5,000 and $6,000 with hired professionals. Do-it-yourselfers can complete the project in three weekends for about $1,500. Here's some advice to get you headed in the right direction:

  • Pick a location that lets you view the sunken fountain from several vantage points, the house and parts of the garden, as well.
  • To amplify the effect of the water sound, place your sunken fountain near a wall or paved area.
  • Use classical English garden elements like a round shape to mirror rounded garden walls.
  • To get a fountain pool with a six foot diameter, you'll need to dig a pit 8 feet and 6 inches in diameter. A 20” depth should work nicely.
  • You can use a broken piece of concrete to hide and protect the liner bottom of your fountain. Paving contractors often have to pay to haul these away, so you might be able to obtain these at no cost.
  • Use mortar to seal the concrete pavers and you can also press the conduits into place in the mortar, as well.
  • Use decorative brick, flush to the ground, to finish off the edge of the sunken fountain.
  • Add a cluster of decorative plants to decorate the pool inside the fountain.
  • Create a centerpiece of poured concrete to house the submersible pump.
  • Finish off the sunken fountain by using a two-piece urn with a hole in the bottom which allows you to project water through the top.



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