How To Plan An Outdoor Garden Fountain

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How do I start planning for an outdoor water garden?

How To Plan An Outdoor Garden Fountain

Adding an outdoor garden fountain to your home can be a complex process. With styles ranging from modern garden pools with a minimalist attitude and streamlined edges to a lush garden pond with no hint of man-made effort, the choices are virtually limitless. To help you in the planning stages of your outdoor garden fountain, we've compiled some considerations for you to think about.

What kind of environment do I want? This is an obvious question, but one that needs to be answered. An outdoor garden fountain can be a tranquil, meditative oasis or a vocal crash of waterfalls. An outdoor garden fountain can be the main attraction in an outdoor environment or a natural element to enhance the existing landscape.

What designs inspire me? Browsing through landscape garden books, magazines and visiting outdoor areas with garden fountains will help you get ideas to get started. You can borrow an entire concept and replicate it in your own environment or take pieces from various water features and create them into a cohesive design.

What will be the dominant feature? The pool can be the main attraction and the landscape can surround the pool. Conversely, you can design the landscaping to have an unobtrusive body of water to punctuate the land.

What plants will you add? The overall look of your outdoor garden fountain will be strongly influenced by the plants that you add. In addition, the strategic addition of plant life can help maintain the ecosystem of your water feature.

Will you add fish? Fish add visual interest and a focal point to any outdoor garden fountain. They also can help the ecosystem by controlling algae. If you decide to add fish, you'll have to consider an appropriate design to maintain your fish's health.



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