Types Of Outdoor Garden Fountains

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Can you give me some ideas for types of outdoor water gardens?

Types Of Outdoor Garden Fountains

Outdoor garden fountains can take on many forms. However, there are some basic styles of outdoor garden fountains you can re-create or pattern your own design after. Here are some ideas to start with.

English Garden – The English Garden is a classic piece which can incorporate a simple wall or pedestal fountain to complete its look. For plant life, consider shrub roses, Boxwood and Foxglove. Your fountain can contain an array of aquatic plants, including the Victoria Amazonica, Anemone, and Watercress.

Cottage Garden- A cottage-style garden can be a casual outdoor environment. Dress up your landscape with a pedestal fountain and add Azolla, Louisiana Iris and Water Snowflake into the water. Plant life in your landscape can include Phlox, Lavender and the Hemerocallis.

Natural Garden – This type of garden looks like you've just entered the lush landscape of an untouched outdoor area. You can add a pool designed to look like a natural pond in your natural garden. Add Water lettuce, Common Cattail and Hardy Nymphaea to your water feature. Landscaping can include Elephant's Ear and Carex around the water's edge.

Asian Garden- Make it simple and serene. For an Asian garden, you can borrow ideas from Feng Shui design, like water flowing towards the home – signifying the incoming flow of income. Add a streamlined fountain filled with Lotus, Taro, and Tropical Nymphaea. In the landscaping, have Juniper, Bamboo and Flowing Plum.



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