Summertime Wall Water Fountain Maintenance

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Are there maintenance concerns for my fountain in the summer?

Summertime Wall Water Fountain Maintenance

The seasonal changes bring about special considerations for your wall water fountain. Wall water features don't require as much attention as a large garden pool. Still, there are some tasks you can do to help upkeep your wall water fountain.

  • During the summer, you can still add plant life to your fountain if you so choose. Later plantings don't flower as well as earlier in the year, but you can still get some blossoms worth your while.
  • Keep an eye out for water discoloration and algae growth during this time of the year. You can use chemical treatments to rid your wall water fountain of algae growth.
  • If you do decide to add plant life to your wall water fountain you'll need to remove the old heads and flower stalks as the flowering plants start to fade.
  • Look out for pests during this time of the year. If you find aphids, you can remove them by a strong spray of water.



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