Fall Wall Water Fountain Maintenance

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Are there special considerations to care for my wall water fountain during the fall season?

Fall Wall Water Fountain Maintenance

In the fall, temperatures start to drop, but you don't yet have to deal with the harsh cold weather of winter. For the most part, your wall water fountain should function normally without any special maintenance considerations. However, if you have plant life in your wall water fountain, you'll want to do some basic care.

  • During the fall season, you'll want to take out all the plant life that will be over-wintered. If need be, you can empty out any plant life containers and bring them indoors for the winter season.
  • Hardy aquatic plant life will do best if you leave them in your wall water fountain as long as the temperatures don't drop below 23 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • You may have lingering algae, so you'll want to remove them. An organic algicide can be used to remove remaining algae.
  • If you have especially harsh winters where freezing temperatures occur, now is the time to prepare for them. Get materials ready to line the interior of your fountain and soak up excess water. Get a tarp to provide cover for your wall water fountain or a get a fountain cover to protect it during the wintertime.



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