Backyard Fountain Feng Shui

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Backyard Fountain Feng Shui

Literally translated as “wind water,” feng shui has been used by the Chinese since ancient times to balance the energy (chi) in homes and businesses. Water plays an important role in Feng Shui principles. A home situated on a body of water nurtures creativity, serenity and is considered to be wealth-enhancing. Unfortunately, everyone can't live on a seashore, pond, lake, river or swimming pool. Fortunately, it is easy to attract auspicious chi by creating a water body. Backyard water fountains offer an economical and simple way to attract positive chi to your home. An added bonus: Fountains feature running water, considered the most auspicious (lucky) of water elements.

The location of water fountain home gardens also plays a role in attracting positive energy. Most Feng Shui practitioners believe that, when possible, it is best to position a water fountain in the north, east or southeast sector of a backyard or patio. It is generally believed that an active water element in the north sector of a backyard or patio attracts luck in a career or business. A backyard fountain placed in the east brings health and longevity. And southeast fountains bring increased wealth. Lighted water fountains increase positive energy. An important reminder: Only clean water attracts positive chi, so keep fountain waters sparkling. Dirty water creates Shar Chi (bad luck) and diminishes the delightful Feng Shui ambiance of a backyard fountain.



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