Build a Backyard Fountain Memory Garden

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Build a Backyard Fountain Memory Garden

A backyard water fountain in a serene garden setting offers a retreat for reflection and remembrance. A memory fountain garden can be elaborate and elegant or inexpensive and simple. It can be large or intimate. Water fountains come in a wide array of water fountain sizes, prices and styles with something for every budget and taste.

Surround your backyard memory fountain with plants that have special meaning for you and are appropriate for the climate. Plants can be changed with the season with delicate spring blooms like daffodils and tulips, summer varieties that take the heat and fall favorites such as mums or sedums. Statuary and fountain accessories extend the theme. If the garden is in memory of loved ones include a tribute with engraved memory stones. A bench or garden seat provides a comfortable spot for meditation to the comforting background music of the trickling waters. Lighted water fountains and soft luminaries create an evening sanctuary. And add an outdoor fireplace to enjoy your backyard fountain memory garden under starlit skies on chilly nights.



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