Clean Fountains Create Positive Energy

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Clean Fountains Create Positive Energy

Water is associated with good fortune (chi) and wealth enhancement in Feng Shui principles. Moving water is even more auspicious. However, chi is only attracted to sparkling clean waters. A garden fountain, garden waterfall, garden pond or in-door fountain that sits stagnant, filled with debris and choked with algae attracts negative energy and misfortune attracts negative energy, known as shar chi.

Even people that do not subscribe to the principles of Feng Shui recognize a sluggish and stagnant water feature as unsightly and unhealthy. Stagnant waters are contaminated with chemicals that present health hazards to wildlife and children. Mosquitoes breed in stagnant waters. An unkempt fountain detracts from an otherwise soothing environment.

Fountains are much easier to clean and maintain on an on-going basis than facing major maintenance caused by neglect. Fortunately, a well-planned and well-tended water feature requires minimal time and effort. The secret is keeping the ecosystem in balance. A good rule of thumb: Average-sized water features that are ecologically balanced typically require about one hour per week for cleaning garden fountains. And, for large fountains, allot about 10 minutes per 1,000 gallons each week for keeping fountain clean.



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