Cleaning and Maintaining Fountain Pumps

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Cleaning and Maintaining Fountain Pumps

A fountain pump is the primary workforce for indoor and outdoor fountains. There are external and submersible fountain pumps. It is the pump's job to keep the water moving and it's a big job. Preventive maintenance and cleaning help the pump do its job and extend its lifetime. Don't wait until you notice diminished water flow or no water flow to service a fountain pump. Use this advice from garden pool experts to keep your pump purring:

  • Don't allow debris to build up around the fountain pump. Place submersible pumps on a base of bricks at the bottom of the fountain. Remove leaves and blooms from the surface and bottom of the fountain frequently. During periods of heavy leaf fall, use netting over the fountain to help catch falling leaves. At least weekly, turn the submersible pump off, remove it from the fountain and check for build-up of leaves and sediment. Some pumps have built-in filters; other pumps may require an added filter for best operation. Check the filters/filter baskets for clogs.
  • Never run a pump dry. Submersible fountain pumps must be completely covered with water at all times when in operation. Most fountain owners find it best to keep pumps running all the time. This continual operation actually prolongs the life of the fountain because it avoids the stress of turning the pump on and off. Fountain water also stays cleaner when the pump works continuously rather than have to struggle to “catch up.”
  • Follow manufacturer's guidelines. Clean the pump as often as recommended or whenever diminished water flow indicates the need. Turn the pump off. Remove it from the fountain and wipe the outside casing clean with a sponge or cloth. Follow instructions to remove the outside casing and clean the inside with warm soapy water and a soft-bristled brush. A toothbrush is handy for reaching tight spaces. Dip the pump in a mild bleach and water solution to sanitize. Reassemble and return it to the fountain to continue its work.



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