Attract Chi with a Floating Bell Fountain

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Attract Chi with a Floating Bell Fountain

In addition to fountains that float on the surface of bodies of water, there are also indoor fountains and outdoor fountains with floating elements that use Feng Shui principles to produce pleasing effects and attract positive energy.

Sparking clean moving water is associated with nourishment and wealth-enhancement. Metal bells and chimes bathe spaces with balanced yin and yang energy and summon good news and chi. A bell chime fountain brings each of these good fortune elements and yin and yang balance to play inside the home.

Water bubbles from the center of a striking black acrylic bowl with brass bell chimes. Six stationary brass bell chimes are positioned in the fountain. The circulation of the water moves two additional brass bell chimes among the stationary chimes producing a soothing melodic symphony of water and music. An added bonus: the floating bell chime fountain can also be used on a covered patio or balcony for outdoor enjoyment.



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