Floating Fountain Pumps Keeps Water Moving

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Floating Fountain Pumps Keeps Water Moving

A floating fountain rests on the still waters of a garden pond. Without a submersible pump there is no circulation, no movement, and no fountain. Size matters. To choose the best floating pond fountain you must know the volume of the water feature. Large ponds features require more pump capacity than small ponds. An undersized pump produces a disappointing trickle in an over-sized pond and an over-sized pump overwhelms a small garden pool.

Most floating fountain system suppliers recommend selecting a floating fountain with a pump that will move about half the total volume of the water feature per hour. Thus, 100 gallons of water would require a pump that circulates 50 gallons of water per hour; 500 gallons needs a pump to move 250 gallons per hour. When considering a floating fountain for a garden pond fountain feature look for the abbreviation GPH. It stands for gallons per hour. A fountain selection calculator is also helpful for ensuring that an outdoor water fountain meets expectations.



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