Bring Floating Fountains to Life at Night

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Bring Floating Fountains to Life at Night

By day, floating fountain waters sparkle in the sunlight. By night, the sound remains pleasing, but visual appeal is lost. Lighting turns outdoor water fountains into dazzling displays for nighttime enjoyment. Some floating fountains come with built-in lighting; others require an in-water light kit.

Serenity Health's Sunjet Magic 290M floating solar fountain is an example of a small garden pond floating fountain with built-in lighting. Illuminated at night by its solar charged batteries, it features multi-color display at night with up to 20” fountain sprays.

For a floating fountain without built-in lighting, a floating fountain light kit adds drama with white, colors and even special effects. For safety's sake, follow manufacturer guidelines and instructions carefully when adding in-water lighting to a floating fountain. Unless you are experienced in working with electricity, it pays to hire a qualified electrician to install submerged lighting for a floating fountain. If a light kit does not include a timer and remote control for inside the house, both are wise investments. Automation conserves electricity and allows you to control fountain operation without going outside at night or in inclement weather. Motion control sensors also add a layer of security and safety to the outdoor pond area at night. Intruders (animal or human) are usually deterred by the sudden appearances of light.



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