Garden Fountains Turn Drab into Dramatic

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Garden Fountains Turn Drab into Dramatic

The outdoor environment detracts or enhances the appearance, ambiance and appeal of a home. According the Feng Shui principles, outdoor space design has a significant impact on the flow of energy, well-being and success.

A drab garden with dead plants exudes negative energy and gives the impression of neglect and indifference. Turn drab to dramatic with an outdoor makeover. Begin by removing dead, dying and overgrown plants and other unsightly debris. Then, use the five essential elements of Feng Shui to create a fountain garden with impressive visual appeal; a setting that brings pleasure and good fortune.

The five elements are water, fire, earth, wood and metal. Moving water is a powerful Feng Shui symbol. Choose from small tabletop garden fountains, free-standing fountains, floating fountains, garden statuary fountains and garden waterfalls that appeal to each of the five senses and become the centerpiece of outdoor living space. The light and warmth of the sun signify fire complemented by an outdoor fireplace, candles and incense burners. Earth is symbolized by pottery urns and planters, rocks and stone. Wood is represented by trees providing shade and shelter. Wooden windchimes also complement the sound of burbling fountain waters. And metal is introduced to the setting with fountain materials such as copper and stainless and other gleaming garden accessories.



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