Yin & Yang of Garden Fountains

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Yin & Yang of Garden Fountains

Yin and yang denote two opposite and complementary life-giving forces of the universe. For instance, winter is yin and summer is yang. Day is yang and night is yin. The sun is yang and the moon is yin. Yang is male; yin is female. A balance of yin and yang brings good fortune. However, when either yin or yang elements are excessive, an environment is out of balance.

Fountain garden Feng Shui naturally involves balancing the yin and yang elements of the living space. A garden with excessive yang is not relaxing. Excessive yin may be too bland or boring. A backyard fountain garden naturally contains both yin and yang elements. Water may be yin or yang. A cascading waterfall or bubbling fountain home garden evokes yang energy. A still pond or pool exemplifies the serenity of yin. Picture a garden pond with a pond fountain. Surround the garden fountain pond with additional balanced elements of yin and yang such as a lush, lacy green ferns (yin) tucked brilliant blooms (yang). Large, textured rocks (yang) complement a series of small smooth stones along a garden path. Garden statuary fountains are another way to add a yin or yang element to outdoor spaces.

Remember that yin and yang are not concrete concepts. Like night turns to day, they are ever changing, constantly evolving. To create the most pleasing yin and yang environment, as seasons change, look for ways to lower the yang energy while raising the yin energy until the two are balanced.



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