Finding Ideas for Garden Fountains

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Finding Ideas for Garden Fountains

There are many sources for inspiration and how-to tips when creating a garden fountain sanctuary. Try these resources for tips and creative ideas on garden fountains, garden accessories and landscaping:

  • Go garden fountain sightseeing. From the grand fountains of Europe to small city parks, hotels and resorts, fountains are everywhere. As you travel the world, keep a camera nearby to snap photographs of garden fountain ideas to borrow and adapt.
  • Get educated. Attend garden shows, expositions and lectures sponsored by universities and gardening associations.
  • Ask master gardener friends for tours of their garden fountains. Take notes.
  • Collect how-to-build-a-garden-fountain and outdoor landscaping magazines and books and take notes on what appeals to you. Buy a book on outdoor Feng Shui and follow tips for balancing the energy of a garden water fountain area.
  • Rent a DVD on outdoor landscaping. Tune into gardening and outdoor do-it-yourself television documentaries. Go online. The National Wildlife Federation and gardening organizations offer a plethora of free tips on attracting wildlife and going green. Visit Websites for garden fountain suppliers that specialize in outdoor garden fountains.



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