Where to Find the Best Garden Fountains

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Where to Find the Best Garden Fountains

When investing in garden fountains, it pays to know where to shop. Although the price of a discount department store fountain may be tempting, consider the quality and long-term aspects. A garden fountain needs to stand up to the effects of the elements, including temperature changes, wind, erosion and sunlight.

There are good reasons you may have been disappointed in previous water fountains purchased at local discount stores and flea markets. There are common problems with poor quality fountains. Noisy pumps overpower the pleasing sound of falling water. Filters become easily clogged and are difficult to clean. Cracks and peeling paint seem to appear overnight. And, customer service is uninformed or non-existent.

Best bet: Shop online with a garden fountain supplier that specializes in garden fountains, fountain parts and fountain accessories. Look for a garden fountain retailer that offers a wide array of choices in size, materials and styles. Check return policies and price matching guarantees. Read testimonials and customer reviews on pros and cons of different water fountains. Compare shipping costs. And subscribe to a customer newsletter for tips, tools and techniques.



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