Seasons Around the Garden Fountain

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Seasons Around the Garden Fountain

In most places each season brings new changes and challenges to a garden fountain area. According to Feng Shui principles, it is essential to adjust the elements of the garden environment with each season to maintain balance and positive energy. The Chinese also believe that each season should feature at least one seasonal flowering plant in a garden fountain sanctuary.

  • Spring is a time of awakening. New growth appears on trees and shrubs and precociously buds peak above the surface of the ground. Garden centers become hives of activity as spring fever strikes and consumers feel the urge to restore and revive outdoors spaces. Fragrant narcissus, colorful tulips, sunny daffodils and heady hyacinths are among favorite spring bloomers for landscaping around garden fountains in most parts of the country. And, it's time to check garden water fountains, ponds and pools for winter damage, clean fountain pumps and fountain filters and add beneficial bacteria to ponds.
  • Filled with heat and energy, summer is a yang season. It's time to introduce cool blue and green yin elements to a fountain garden. Fight the effects of summer heat and drought with a water misting or sprinkler system. Summer sun also fuels the growth of algae and prevention is easier than removal. Treat fountains and ponds per manufacturer recommendations. Introduce aquatic plants like water lilies, lotus and iris that love full sun and do double duty as beautiful blooms and algae inhibitors.
  • Fall brings new colors and the challenge of falling leaves. Leaves should be skimmed from water fountains and pond fountains surfaces daily. As temperatures cool, pots of sunny yellow and red chrysanthemums add yang warmth.
  • Winter chill and icy require special attention for garden water fountains, but need not spell the end of outdoor time. Small fountains that might freeze easily can be moved inside for winter enjoyment. Mid-sized and large water fountains with adequate water flow should be kept running during winter months to prevent icing. Gardens need to be winterized for regional climates. A splash of warm red yang with holly berries and poinsettias add bright spots to dreary winter days. And, fire and water do mix. An outdoor fireplace near the bubbling fountain is perfect for marshmallow roasts under starlit winter skies.



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