Childproofing a Garden Fountain

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Childproofing a Garden Fountain

Kids love water and are naturally attracted to sound and action of moving water in a garden fountain. Children can't resist playing in water. They want to mimic the statuary garden fountains that shoos water from its mouth into a pond and a drink from a garden fountain on a hot summer day is almost irresistible. All of these temptations create safety hazards for young children. Toddlers can drown in just an inch or two of water and even older children should be closely supervised around water sources.

Before installing a garden fountain or garden pool, check local ordinances for safety requirements and make sure homeowners liability insurance covers water fountain gardens. Fences surrounding a fountain area create a barrier and help discourage uninvited young visitors. Raise home garden fountains above the ground so that they are out of reach and cannot be tipped over. Rocks and stones are attractive and control the depth of garden fountains. Pots overflowing with lush plants make access to a fountain less accessible. Keep a garden fountain and children in view at all times when outdoors. And for still pond or pool waters, install a floating alarm signals disturbances on the water's surface.



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