Reap Rewards with an Outdoor Water Dragon

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Reap Rewards with an Outdoor Water Dragon

Dragons are often portrayed as the mythical fire-breathing bad guys in fairy tales, adventure films and video games. On the contrary, in China the dragon is associated with water and is one of Feng Shui's most revered and auspicious symbols. The positive energy and power of both water and the dragon are combined by creating a water dragon with a cascading multi-level custom waterfall. Even when outdoor space is limited, a miniature Feng Shui outdoor waterfall brings good fortune and outside fun to a garden.

There are five components of a garden waterfall dragon. Begin with the tail at the top since it is the beginning of the water flow. Next, fronting pools (ming tang) are where water collects between levels. They hold chi and reflects heaven. Then, the fingers of the water dragon (always odd numbers) are 1, 3, 5, 7 or 9 folds or off-shoots from the waterfall. These may be dry mini-paths or they may channel water overfill in wet seasons. And, the mouth of the dragon is the exit point of the water flow at the bottom of the waterfall. Fifth, when planning a Feng Shui water dragon, consider the direction of the water flow. It should flow toward the house bringing chi into rather than channeling chi away from the home. If in doubt about creating your own outdoor water dragon, seek advice form professionals at Serenity Health about creating a custom waterfall.



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