Garden Waterfalls – The Easy Way

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Garden Waterfalls – The Easy Way

If building a garden waterfall from scratch is not desirable or practical, there are a myriad of sculpted and pre-formed garden rock waterfalls to choose from. A few popular examples of pre-formed garden waterfalls include:

  • Fiber-glass and resin garden waterfalls look amazingly like real rock, without the weight. They can be moved easily from one area to another. Pumps circulate the water up to a pool in the top tier and it cascades down multi-tiers to a bottom pond just like Mother Nature intended. Adjustable-flow pumps allow water flow to be increased of decreased to the sound level desired.
  • Slate waterfalls are meticulously chiseled and smoothed by hand. Water flows from a top tier to subsequent tiers and into a base sitting on a terracotta base. The pump is concealed in this base. Jade slate from China and Mariposa charcoal slate from Mariposa, Calif. are popular slate waterfalls that add drama to any outdoor garden or patio.
  • Copper garden waterfalls combine the best of the Feng Shui elements of water and metal. Water flows from the top of the waterfall along sculpted gleaming leaves and pools and cascades melodically down levels with copper pools into a copper basin. And, sculpted reeds, cattails, iris, butterflies or dragonflies complement the design.

Note: Custom waterfalls can also be designed around special themes and personal preferences from virtually any material.



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