Adding Fish to Garden Pond Waterfall

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Adding Fish to Garden Pond Waterfall

Fish add another level of good fortune and interest to a garden waterfall pond. Fish swimming around a waterfall pond represent wealth, fertility and harmony. The word for fish in Chinese -- yu -- also means abundance. Although goldfish or Koi in a garden waterfall pond require attention and care, the pleasure and good fortune they bring makes the effort worthwhile for most nature lovers.

Before purchasing fish for an outdoor pond ensure that it is large enough and deep enough to sustain them. In winter climates, there is a risk of the water freezing if it is too shallow and fish must be overwintered. Different fish require different pond depths. Koi typically need at water that is three feet deep. More hardy goldfish can thrive in water around two feet deep.

Size of the waterfall pond also determines how many fish can live there. Most experts suggest that for every two inches in size a fish requires one square foot of space. Thus, for each six-inch fish a pond needs three sq. ft. of water space. And because they may grow to two feet, Koi need 25 sq. feet of water per fish. Another plus of a waterfall pond, the aeration allows you to increase the number of fish.

Depending on the size of a pond, Feng Shui principles recommend selecting an odd number of fish in mixed yin and yang colors for waterfall ponds. For instance, four red and one black fish. On a final important note: Consult an aquarium fish expert for advice on stocking and caring for fish in a garden setting.



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