Creating a Garden Waterfall Living Area

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Creating a Garden Waterfall Living Area

For maximum enjoyment of a garden waterfall, think of the setting as an extension of your home. Create a living space with a good view of the waterfall. Study the garden to determine the best seating area. Select outdoor furniture that is comfortable and able to withstand changing weather. A strategically placed table and chairs offers the pleasure of alfresco dining. If trees do not provide a canopy of shelter from the hot sun, an attractive gazebo, covered patio or deck or even large umbrella increase outdoor comfort. A hammock or chaise lounge is perfect for an afternoon nap with the soothing background music of water. And, if the garden is large, several garden benches positioned in different shady locations offer ever-changing views.

Plants are a key parts of garden pond waterfall. Grow seasonal favorites and perennials for year-round beauty. Add interest with unique trees that flourish in the region. Citrus trees fill the air with a lemon/lime scent. Pick fruit from figs or plums for a garden snack. Avoid the problems of falling leaves with evergreens. Learn the art of trimming a stylish bonsai tree. Fill decorative pots with lush greenery and brilliant blooms.

Choose garden fountain accessories that complement the garden theme. Statues and engraved memory stones are favorite garden accessories. Outdoor fireplaces are popular for chilly nights. Locate outdoor lighting to highlight the waterfall and other special garden elements. A word of caution: Less is often more when it comes to garden statuary. Too many accessories unrelated to a central theme create a cluttered garden and detract from the relaxing ambience.



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